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    It is our privilege to share with you Our Ministry Pages.  Pastors, Ministers, Prayer Warriors and visitors of all kinds will find the information necessary to understand our background and burdens from the links on this page. 

We have provided a brief overview of our ministry and encourage you to email us about your visit:

    Our Commission from Northside Baptist Church as Missionaries to East Africa came in 2008.  Full Time Deputation Ministry started in Fall of 2009.  Our ministry has provided a consistent support of over 24% - which is increasing monthly.  As the Lord Blesses with continued support in this fashion we expect to arrive on the field in early 2013.  Our prayer is that it will be much sooner!  We have been encouraged to begin Language Training right away.  We are blessed with great pictures and are prepared to meet the need anywhere we go.  Our desire is to be in the major port town of M'wanza, to be able to work in the M'wanza Region as soon as God allows.

    We will be working with Brother Bill Brouwer, a 17 year veteran missionary.  Our burden is great concerning the Spiritual needs of the over 3 million Sukuma Tribesmen in the M'wanza Region of Tanzania.  The bush of this region, an area about the size of a county, is filled with Sukuma Tribesmen in small villages of about 2,000 to 8,000 people.  Ninety-Nine Percent  ( 99% ) have had no gospel witness.  No churches have been planted in hundreds of these un-evangelized villages.  Our ministry opportunity in the M'wanza Region seems in-exhaustible:  However, we serve a great God. 

     The testimony of the evangelistic work in one village called Igekemaja and the church started Easter of 2007 is a defining one:  A survey of this village with around seven thousand Sukuma found no gospel witness - this was the first time a White Missionary had gone out into the bush in this area to start a church.  Daily Evangelization with 15 or more believers from other churches in town produced 71 Christian souls with a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ and baptism for all 71 followed...  A church was born!  The Lord's Church in this village has been growing for over two years now under a National Pastor. 

     What an amazing example of what God does in our people and will do through our ministry.  This example has been repeated in only 12 such evangelized villages.  All but one of these are under the care of a National Pastor at this time.  Think about how many could be started in four years.  Three Churches a year?  They say that the yoke of two will produce greater results...  Will it be four times as many?  12 Churches a year?  Your giving will have a great deal to do with these numbers.  I believe, as the Lord tarries that we could see 20 Churches a year or more springing up here.  The question is how will you be involved.  Hundreds of villages...   Hundreds of Thousands of souls just a few hours from each other out in the bush...   A work for souls in East Africa:  lives yet unclaimed and untouched for our Lord Jesus Christ. 

    The Lord has provided us a great display and a wonderful presentation.  We can teach about Animistic Belief (the society), Witch Doctors and how great it is to be saved from such darkness.  We are thankful for a Powerful Power Point Presentation as well as a Training on Animistic Society in M'wanza in a Power Point style teaching.  We continue to pray for provision while working on a DVD Presentation.  God has truly blessed us to have a part in such a fruitful ministry.  Inspiration and encouragement is the greatest part we can do through our Deputation Ministry.  May the Lord continue to bless richly and inspire all those we touch as we press to work with Our People:  Wa Sukuma Tribal Peoples in East Africa.

    We are excited to now be scheduling conferences and presentations anywhere.  We are seeing the schedule fill rapidly and would like to be sure that we are able to fit you in while the schedule is still flexible.  We move forward with the work to which God has called us; prayerfully looking forward to having Sukuma, Tanzanians, Muslims and whosoever will; accept the Lord through our ministry.

    Now you may wish to learned more with us:  Our Welcome Page have very special links not found elsewhere.  Tanzanian Links are in the upper right hand corner and active only on this page.  You may go places I used to learn about our country, our region and our people.  I continue to learn and have now added:  The East African Link, which is full of other commerce links in the East African Community.  The East African Community itself might be of political interest as well. 

     It is our intent to provide every possible need to for your understanding of Our Calling and Our Ministry.  We would greatly appreciate insight into anything you feel would be helpful for us to have in these pages.

    Thank You for your prayers.  Tony and Brenda Davis

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