Our People: Wasukuma Tribe - M'wanza - Tanzania - East Africa        



     Thank you for your visit today.  We appreciate your prayers and who you are for being a part of our team as you join with us for the work in East Africa.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy the presentation of our hearts for the Sukuma.  I know that you will be moved by what it means to have the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ to Shine in their hearts!  We ask for your consideration in helping us to see many souls come to Christ though our ministry.  We are your ministers.  We are available to fulfill any need that we can while we are in your area.  We would love to hear from you and look forward to meeting you:  Here, There or in the Air!

     We are deputation ministers.  We are preparing to go to Tanzania, East Africa.  We are not your typical major metropolitan area missionaries.  We will be working from the city of M'wanza - going to the outlying villages of the Region.  Out in the bush with no electricity, no running water are millions of tribal people.  Our people, the Sukuma Tribe live in these small villages.  Less that one percent of all Sukuma have ever heard and less than that even know the name of Jesus Christ!  It is this small group of a few hundred believers in a hand full of churches, that have begun to see revival fires spreading across the bush country of M'wanza.  Poverty stricken and tired of their way of life; many come to know Jesus, very quickly...

     Church planting is very different in these villages.  An evangelistic crusade will yield 30, 50, 70 converts or more.  A church plant can be established with a matter of weeks!!  Discipleship Training does not take long until Pastors and Church Leaders emerge from the increase God has granted.  Outreach Training, Sunday School Training and even a Bible College in M'wanza are available free of charge to those that will come learn God's word.  However, these ongoing ministries require continual funding.  Every time a Pastor graduates and takes over a church, they become indigenous within a matter of months.  We will always have churches being planted and souls coming from this truly remarkable harvest.  They are naturally self propagating.  We must move quickly so that they gain a balance and stability with the Fundamental Baptist Doctrines.  It is crucial to teach them about false doctrines.

     We love to share our testimony together.  God called us separately and independently to serve in East Africa.  Testimony of our personal and independent callings are part of what inspires and encourages the hearts of everyone that receives them.  Please take your time as you thoroughly explore these pages from our hearts.

We love God that has separated us to His service...

     We will likely leave this world behind from this field of service...

              We are His Missionary Servants.   Let us know how best we can serve you.

     The needs are truly great.  We would like to encourage you to join with us in prayer and financial support at what ever level you are able to do so.  We strongly recommend giving through your local church.  We also understand that sometimes a good church is hard to find.  If you desire to provide financial support to us: we can insure that 100% of all funds given will be used in our ministry and to support us on the field.  This site is new and we have only the email to provide information and guidance through at this time.  Please feel free to email us right away.  We will respond as quickly as possible.  Thank You again for your visit.


Brother Tony

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